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Major research interests

  • Design of cyber-physical systems (CPS)
CPS represent systems that are featuring a tight integration of computational and physical elements by information exchange through networking. We are currently conducting research on modeling, analysis, and control of networked CPS under uncertainty. We mainly works to improve reliability and robustness of CPS in a provable manner.
  • Design and analysis of self-adjusting protocols for wireless environments
We are interested in designing reliable, efficient, and adaptive protocols for various application areas under wireless environments. In particular, we mainly focus on reliability under uncertainty, i.e., we are aiming at providing provable robust performance under uncertainty in wireless environments.
  • Characterization and design of medical-grade protocols for wireless healthcare systems
We focus on characterization and design of medical-grade network protocols for highly reliable communication and coordination between different entities with real-time information sharing and remote monitoring. Our main goal is to establish a fundamental design framework for medical-grade wireless networks.
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