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Lectures: Fall 2011

IC617: Cyber Physical Systems (Fall 2011)

Kyung-Joon Park
Office hours: By appointment, 3-309 DGIST


Course Description:
A cyber-physical system (CPS) is a system featuring a tight combination of, and coordination between, the system’s computational and physical elements. Various cyber physical systems (CPS) has been being developed and used such as automobiles, smart grid systems, embedded systems, and robotic systems. The CPS is mainly composed of the physical processing component and the computing devices, and the two components are connected to each other through wired and wireless communication networks. This lecture focuses on three key components of physical system model, real-time computing and scheduling, and communication and networking for CPSs.

Grading policies:
Exam 60%, Paper Presentation 20%, Homework & Project 20%



Reading List:
Real-time Systems

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