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Fall 2014

IC636: Wireless Networks (Fall 2014)

Kyung-Joon Park
Office hours: By appointment, E3-513 DGIST


  • No required textbook

Course Description:
Several major topics related to wireless networking will be covered, including a brief overview of physical layer issues, multiple access, TCP over wireless, and routing protocols for wireless LANs and ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and some security-related issues.

Grading policies:
Exam 70%, Homework 30%


  • Reading assignment 1: Compare the key idea in "No time to countdown: Migrating backoff to the frequency domain" with the basic backoff mechanism in the Bianchi's paper. Please submit an one-page summary (due: September 23).
  • Homework: In each case of the slotted and unslotted basic MAC protocols, calculate the optimal value of n (number of hosts) that attains the maximum throughput when the channel access probability p is fixed (due: September 25).
  • Reading assignment 2: Summarize the key differences between the single-hop model in "On the capacity of wireless CSMA/CA multihop networks" and that in the paper by G. Bianchi (due: November 18 November 25).
  • Homework: Submit your summary why two-hop relay is better than direct communication in mobile ad hoc networks (due: November 20 November 25).
    • Hint: Find "interference-limited" and "distance-limited" in this paper
  • Homework: Carry out simulation of the Bianchi's model when m = 1 with small numbers of the backoff window size (due: Before the final exam).
  • The midterm exam is scheduled at 10:00 am, October 20
  • The final exam is scheduled at 1:30 pm, December 16


  • [September 2] Introduction to physical layer issues
  • [September 4] Introduction to physical layer issues (cont'd)
  • [September 9] No class (Chuseok (민족최대의 명절인 추석))
  • [September 11] Medium access control - Basic MAC protocol
  • [September 16] Medium access control - Slotted and unslotted accesses, slot size selection
  • [September 18] Carrier sense
  • [September 23] Tradeoff between carrier sense and transmit power
  • [September 25] Collision avoidance
  • [September 30] Medium access control - Virtual CS
  • [October 2] Medium access control - Backoff mechanism
  • [October 7] No class (IEEE CloudNet 2014)
  • [October 9] No class (Hangul Day (한글날))
  • [October 14] Backoff mechanism and fairness issues
  • [October 16] Rate control and power control
  • [October 20] Midterm exam (10:00 am)
  • [October 28] Capacity of wireless networks
  • [October 30] Understanding the capacity-delay tradeoff in wireless networks
  • [November 6] Switch architecture and switching algorithms
  • [November 10] Wireless scheduling
  • [November 11] Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • [November 18] Fixed point analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • [November 20] No class (DGIF 2014)
  • [November 25] Fixed point analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF (cont'd)
  • [November 27] Routing in wireless networks
  • [December 2] Routing in wireless networks (cont'd)
  • [December 4] Paper presentation by students
  • [December 9] Paper presentation by students (cont'd)
  • [December 11] Paper presentation by students (cont'd)
  • [December 16] Final exam (1:30 pm)

Reading list:

Network capacity

Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF


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