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Fall 2016

IC636: Wireless Networks (Fall 2016)

Kyung-Joon Park
Office hours: By appointment, E3-513 DGIST


  • No required textbook

Course Description:
Several major topics related to wireless networking will be covered, including a brief overview of physical layer issues, multiple access, TCP over wireless, and routing protocols for wireless LANs and ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and some security-related issues.

Grading policies:
Exam 70%, Homework 30%


  • Reading assignment 1: Compare the key idea in "No time to countdown: Migrating backoff to the frequency domain" with the basic backoff mechanism in the Bianchi's paper. Please submit an one-page summary (due: October 6).
  • Homework: In each case of the slotted and unslotted basic MAC protocols, calculate the optimal value of n (number of hosts) that attains the maximum throughput when the channel access probability p is fixed (due: October 6).
  • Homework: Submit your summary why two-hop relay is better than direct communication in mobile ad hoc networks (November 28).
    • Hint: Find "interference-limited" and "distance-limited" in this paper
  • Homework: Carry out simulation of the Bianchi's model when m = 1 with small numbers of the backoff window size (due: Before the final exam).
  • The final exam is scheduled at 1:30 pm, December 19
  • The midterm exam is scheduled at 1:30 pm, October 24


  • [September 1] Introduction to physical layer issues
  • [September 5] Introduction to physical layer issues (cont'd)
  • [September 8] Medium access control - Basic MAC protocol
  • [September 12] Medium access control - Slotted and unslotted accesses, slot size selection
  • [September 15] No class (Chuseok (민족최대의 명절인 추석 연휴))
  • [September 19] Carrier sense
  • [September 22] Tradeoff between carrier sense and transmit power
  • [September 26] Collision avoidance
  • [September 29] No class (MathWorks Asia Research Summit 2016)
  • [October 3] No class (개천절)
  • [October 6] Medium access control - Virtual CS
  • [October 10] Transmission opportunity and throughput with carrier sensing
  • [October 13] Medium access control - Backoff mechanism
  • [October 17] Backoff mechanism and fairness issues
  • [October 20] Rate control and power control
  • [October 24] Midterm exam
  • [October 27] Capacity of wireless networks (makeup class)
  • [October 31] No class (Drone Workshop at Konkuk Univ.)
  • [November 3] Capacity of wireless networks (cont'd)
  • [November 7] Understanding the capacity-delay tradeoff in wireless networks
  • [November 10] No class (Final evaluation of the Net-Drone Project by the Samsung Research Funding Center for Future Technology)
  • [November 14] Switch architecture and switching algorithms, and wireless scheduling (regular + makeup class)
  • [November 17] Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • [November 21] Fixed point analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF
  • [November 24] Routing in wireless networks
  • [November 28] Routing in wireless networks (cont'd)
  • [December 1] No class (DGIF)
  • [December 5] Paper presentation by students (regular + makeup class)
  • [December 8] Paper presentation by students (cont'd)
  • [December 12 & 15] No class (IEEE CDC 2016)
  • [December 19] Final exam

Paper Presentation:
1. (이인환) Ye Tian, Kai Xu, and Nirwan Ansari, "TCP in wireless environments: Problems and solutions," IEEE Communications Magazine, vol. 43, no. 3, March 2005.
2. (박인희) F. Tramarin, S. Vitturi, and M. Luvisotto, "A dynamic rate selection algorithm for IEEE 802.11 industrial wireless LAN," IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, vol.PP, no.99, pp.1-1
3. (권영민) Y. H. Wei, Q. Leng, S. Han, A. K. Mok, W. Zhang and M. Tomizuka, "RT-WiFi: Real-time high-speed communication protocol for wireless cyber-physical control applications," Real-Time Systems Symposium (RTSS) 2013, pp. 140-149.
4. (신성주) Rafael Laufer and Leonard Kleinrock, "On the capacity of wireless CSMA/CA multihop networks," IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Turin, Italy, April 2013.
5. (고병진) E. Ziouva and T. Antonakopoulos, "CSMA/CA performance under high traffic conditions: throughput and delay analysis," Computer Communications, vol. 25, pp.313-321, 2002.
6. (임성호) K. Duffy, D. Malone, and D. J. Leith, "Modeling the 802.11 distributed coordination function in non-saturated conditions," IEEE Communications Letters, vol. 9, no. 8, Aug 2005.
7. (정승화) F.-L. Lian, J. Moyne and D. Tilbury, "Network design consideration for distributed control systems," IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 297-307, March 2002.
8. (김종현) J. I. Choi, M. Jain, K. Srinivasan, P. Levis, and S. Katti, "Achieving single channel, full duplex wireless communication," ACM MobiCom 2010, Chicago, Illinois, USA, September 2010.

Reading list:
Real-time control over wireless networks

Rate adaptation


MAC misbehavior

Network capacity

Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF


Full-duplex wireless

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