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Lectures: Fall 2017

IC636: Wireless Networks (Fall 2017)

Kyung-Joon Park
Office hours: By appointment, E3-513 DGIST


Course Description:
Several major topics related to wireless networking will be covered, including a brief overview of physical layer issues, multiple access, TCP over wireless, and routing protocols for wireless LANs and ad hoc networks, sensor networks, and some security-related issues.

Grading policies:
Exam 70%, Homework 30%



Paper Presentation:
Please keep in mind that the presentation time per paper is 20 minutes. You should deliver the key points of the paper as if you were the author.

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Reading list:
Real-time control over wireless networks

Rate adaptation


MAC misbehavior

Network capacity

Performance analysis of IEEE 802.11 DCF


Full-duplex wireless

Additional reading list

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