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Lectures: Spring 2019

IC566: Random Signals and Random Processes (Spring 2019)

Kyung-Joon Park (kjp@, x6314, and E3-513)
Office hours: Right after class or by appointment

Class hour and classroom:
MW 13:30-15:00 pm, E3-113


Course Description:
This will be an introductory graduate level course on probability and random processes. The classes will have three phases: First, we will begin with the review of undergraduate level probability and random variables. Second, we will proceed to cover the basic concepts and engineering examples of discrete and continuous random processes, such as Bernoulli, Poisson, and Markov. Last, we will apply our understanding of probabilistic models to detection and estimation problems of random signals.

Grading policies:
Homework 30%, Midterm exam 30%, Final exam 40%


Lectures (tentative):

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